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Family Selection Criteria

Families must meet the following requirements in order to partner with Avery County Habitat for Humanity:

1.  Need for adequate housing

  • Currently living in overcrowded or unsafe conditions
  • Currently living in subsidized housing
  • Currently living in substandard conditions or homeless
  • Housing expenses greater than 30% of income

2.  Annual income is 40-80% of area median income

  • Avery County median household income: $47,300 (HUD, 2016 Estimate)

3.  Willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity (“Sweat Equity”)

  • Minimum Sweat Equity hours:
    • 2 Adult Family: 500 hours
    • 1 Adult Family: 250 hours
  • Attendance at all Homeownership Preparation Classes is mandatory, classes may include:
    • Consumer Credit Counseling
    • Basic Economic Literacy
    • Homeownership & Maintenance
    • Neighborhood Relations
    • Habitat Mortgages & Closing
  • Must make a cash down payment at closing

4.  Residency

  • Applicants must have lived or worked in Avery County for at least one year and be a US citizen or a documented legal resident