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Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is simply a gift that is planned, typically to be given in the future. Often the gift is an asset that you may own, such as real estate, a life insurance policy, or shares of stock. ACHFH is talking about this because the need for affordable housing is not going away, and we need to raise financial support to help us build houses for the next generation.

Perhaps you or a family member owns land in Avery County that would be ideal for an ACHFH home. Or, perhaps you own another asset that you would consider giving to ACHFH, which can then be sold and the proceeds used to buy land or to build a home for a future family. There are ways this can be done to help you, or your heirs, and ACHFH as well.

In addition to cash, there are many other ways to give to ACHFH:

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock can often relieve you of capital gains taxes in addition to giving you an increased income tax deduction.

Gifts of Real Estate

The gift of a residence, vacation home, or farm may also relieve you of capital gains taxes, while giving you an increased charitable deduction.

Gifts of Life Insurance

By designating ACHFH as both the owner and the beneficiary of the policy you may be able to receive a tax deduction valued at the policy’s current cash value.

Gifts of a Charitable Remainder Trust

In creating such a trust you may be able to have an increased income for life, receive a charitable contribution deduction, and avoid capital gains taxes.

Gifts in a Bequest

Often this is the most easily accomplished type of planned gift. You can name ACHFH as a beneficiary in your Will or add us in a codicil in your Will.

No matter the type of planned gift, please check first with your attorney or other financial advisor for further details and counsel. If you would like to discuss the matter with an ACHFH representative, please contact Jordan Slagle at 828.733.1909.